About us

At RNA Baser, we're passionate about empowering researchers with innovative tools for RNA sequence analysis. As part of the Gentaur group, a leading force in life science solutions, we're committed to developing user-friendly and efficient software that streamlines your workflow.

Our Mission

Our mission is to simplify and accelerate RNA sequence analysis, making it accessible to a wider range of researchers. We believe that powerful tools shouldn't require complex training, and that's why RNA Baser is designed with ease of use in mind.

The RNA Baser Advantage

Effortless Sequence Assembly: We automate tedious tasks like bad end trimming, ambiguous base correction, and vector removal, saving you valuable time.

Intuitive Interface: Our streamlined interface minimizes user interaction, allowing you to focus on analysis. Synchronized displays and fast navigation keep you in control.

Batch Processing Power: Assemble hundreds of contigs simultaneously, perfect for large datasets. Our high accuracy reduces the need for manual correction.

Seamless Metadata Integration: Keep track of sequence origins and environmental parameters for comprehensive analysis and reporting.

Join the RNA Baser Community

We're here to support your research journey. Explore our resources, including tutorials and detailed documentation, to get the most out of RNA Baser. We also encourage you to connect with our team for any questions or feedback.

Together, let's unlock the secrets hidden within RNA!

Lieven Gevaert, CEO

  • Biotech Engineer of the University of Ghent Belgium. 
  • Director the Gentaur group in acquisition and start-up of new Life Science Companies. 
  • Investor in Biotech companies.