SeekOne® DD: Single-Cell Immune Profiling Kit


Understanding how individual immune cells interact is essential for deciphering immune system complexities. Single-cell RNA-sequencing (scRNA-seq) has revolutionized immunology research by enabling analysis of cellular variations within a population. The SeekOne® DD Single-Cell Immune Profiling Kit builds on this by offering a platform to analyze both the immune repertoire (V(D)J sequences) and gene expression profile of individual T and B lymphocytes.

V(D)J Repertoire Analysis:

The V(D)J sequence encodes the antigen-binding region of T cell receptors (TCRs) and B cell receptors (BCRs), determining which antigens they recognize. The SeekOne® DD kit facilitates capturing and sequencing full-length V(D)J sequences from single cells, allowing researchers to:

  • Assess clonal diversity: Quantify unique T and B cell clones within a population, revealing the breadth and depth of the immune response.
  • Define antigen specificity: Identify the specific antigens recognized by individual T and B cells, important for understanding immune response dynamics and vaccine development.
  • Characterize T and B cell subsets: Differentiate functionally distinct T and B cell subsets based on their V(D)J sequences and co-expressed genes.

Figure 1. The core technology of SeekOne® Immune Profiling Analysis. SeekOne® DD single cell immune profiling products are based on the principle of microfluidic technology. Cells and barcoded beads are added separately and then react in the carrier oil to form emulsion droplets in the - shaped channel. After capturing mRNA tagged with barcoded beads, two separate libraries (gene expression & immune repertoire) can be constructed from a single sample.

Transcriptome Analysis:

In addition to immune repertoire analysis, the SeekOne® DD kit allows for simultaneous profiling of the transcriptome of individual immune cells. This enables researchers to:

  • Identify gene expression: Identify genes actively expressed within individual T and B cells, providing insights into their specific roles within the immune response.
  • Discover novel immune markers: Find new genes associated with specific T and B cell subsets or immune response states.
  • Investigate immune regulation: Elucidate the molecular pathways governing T and B cell activation, differentiation, and function.

Technical Features:

  • Microfluidic technology facilitates efficient capture and separation of single cells.
  • High-throughput sequencing capabilities enable analysis of a large number of cells (500-12,000 cells per channel).
  • Compatible with human and mouse samples (species-specific amplification kits required).
  • Streamlined workflow with minimal hands-on time.
  • SeekSoul®Tools software facilitates data analysis.

Figure 2. SeekOne® DD Single Cell V(D)J Analysis Workflow. The process begins with the collection of single cell suspension. After partitioning, capturing and labelling of single cells, a single cell library compatible with Illumina and MGI sequencers is constructed for high-throughput sequencing. Single cell V(D)J data can be processed with SeekSoul Tools —the efficient data analysis software for investigating immune cell diversity, immune response to infection or drug, and Ab-Ag specificity.


The SeekOne® DD Single-Cell Immune Profiling Kit offers a valuable tool for various immunological research applications, including:

  • Autoimmunity: Understanding the role of antigen-specific T and B cells in autoimmune diseases.
  • Infectious diseases: Characterizing the immune response to specific pathogens and identifying markers of protection.
  • Vaccine development: Optimizing vaccine design by analyzing antigen-specific T and B cell responses.
  • Immunotherapy: Evaluating the efficacy of immunotherapies by monitoring changes in immune cell repertoire and gene expression profiles.


The SeekOne® DD Single-Cell Immune Profiling Kit empowers researchers to investigate the immune system at a single-cell level. By simultaneously analyzing the immune repertoire and transcriptome of individual T and B lymphocytes, this platform offers a powerful tool for deciphering immune cell variations, antigen specificity, and immune response dynamics. This comprehensive approach holds immense potential for advancing our understanding of the immune system in health and disease, paving the way for novel diagnostics and therapeutics.

Learn more about the SeekOne® DD Single-Cell Immune Profiling Kit in the detailed product brochure

 or visit our website to explore its capabilities and how it can empower your research.


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SeekOne® DD: Single-Cell Immune Profiling Kit
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