A Researcher's Resource: Exploring AffiGEN Inc.'s Life Science Solutions

AffiGEN Inc. emerges as a key player in the life sciences industry, offering a diverse product range designed to empower researchers across various disciplines. Their comprehensive portfolio equips researchers with the tools they need to delve into the complexities of biological systems, from the fundamental building blocks of life to intricate cellular processes.

Empowering Molecular Biology Workflows

AffiGEN Inc. furnishes researchers with the essentials for molecular biology research. Their product range encompasses tools for:

  • Sample preparation: Isolating and purifying DNA and RNA from various biological samples forms the foundation for downstream analyses. AffiGEN Inc. offers solutions to streamline this crucial step.
  • PCR and qPCR: Understanding gene expression is fundamental to many research endeavors. Their product range includes enzymes, primers, and reaction mixes specifically designed for amplifying and quantifying target genes.
  • Gel electrophoresis: Visualizing DNA or RNA fragments is essential for various applications. AffiGEN Inc. provides the necessary reagents and equipment for efficient gel electrophoresis.
AffiEXTRACT® Lipid Extraction Kit is designed for accuracy, efficiency, and convenience, this kit empowers scientists and researchers to isolate lipids from various sample sources effortlessly.

Unlocking the Secrets of Genomes

The next-generation sequencing (NGS) revolution has transformed biological research. AffiGEN Inc. supports researchers venturing into this exciting field by offering a product range that facilitates NGS library preparation, potentially including adapters, library enrichment kits, and fragmentation enzymes.

Delving into the Immune System

The intricate workings of the immune system hold immense potential for scientific discovery. AffiGEN Inc. equips researchers with a range of immunological tools, including:

  • Antibodies: These versatile tools enable researchers to detect, quantify, and localize specific proteins of interest, playing a vital role in techniques like immunofluorescence, Western blotting, and ELISA.
  • Immunoassay Kits: Pre-configured ELISA kits can simplify complex immunological workflows, offering streamlined detection and quantification of specific analytes.

Specialized Solutions for Diverse Research Needs

AffiGEN Inc. caters to a broader spectrum of research needs with additional product categories such as:

  • PCR Quality Controls: Ensuring the accuracy and reproducibility of PCR experiments is paramount. AffiGEN Inc. offers quality control solutions to identify potential issues and ensure reliable results.
  • Veterinary Rapid Tests: The AffiVET brand provides rapid tests for the swift diagnosis of various animal diseases, empowering veterinarians with on-site diagnostic capabilities.
  • Plasmids: For researchers venturing into recombinant DNA technology, AffiGEN Inc. might offer plasmids for cloning and expression of desired genes.
  • Cell Culture Media: Maintaining healthy cell cultures is crucial for many research applications. AffiGEN Inc. might provide a variety of cell culture media to support the growth and proliferation of diverse cell types.
cell culture, growth media, RPMI, 2D/3D culture

A Trusted Partner for Scientific Discovery

By offering a multifaceted product range catering to diverse research needs, AffiGEN Inc. positions itself as a valuable partner for researchers across the life sciences spectrum. Their commitment to providing innovative tools empowers researchers to unlock new avenues of knowledge and push the boundaries of scientific discovery.


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